Personalized Music Classes


Have a music class designed for you and your playmates or choose from the following:

Fun with Melody and Rhythm: Through movement, props and simple rhythm instruments
children will become familiar with the musical alphabet and understand how to
read and play simple rhythms.

Color The Beat!: Come move, make music and art in this exciting class. The worlds
of art, creative movement and music are intertwined focusing on a specific theme. Simple
art media and rhythm instruments used.

Rhymes and Rhythms:
Through preschool literature, songs and musical games, children
discover how sounds within words translate into rhyme and rhythm.

Dancing Numbers: Children wiggle, giggle and spin as the class journeys through a
musical playground where numbers come alive through counting, song and movement.

Home School Groups

Enrich your home school education with music workshops that
meet your needs Classes and workshops can be scheduled
on a one-time, weekly or monthly basis.

Clubs: Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts

Learn more about the exciting world of music while fulfilling
badge requirements. Theme based interactive workshops will
be created for an hour of fun:

Creative Composing

Making Music

Sounds of Music

Folk Arts

Music Fan

Please contact the Director of Music at 914-967-0700, ext. 23 to discuss your needs.

Music Ensembles

Do you have a love for playing classical, jazz, rock or pop music?
Small groups can be formed for individuals having two or more
years playing experience. Groups will be coached under the direction
of Music School Faculty. Performing opportunities will
be available for various community events.