Recital Schedule

Music Recitals

Saturday, May 30
3 pm: Students of Naseer Ashraf, Anne Fumasoli, and Matt Garrison

5 pm: Students of Valerie Luzzi, and Deborah Scharbach

Sunday, May 31
11 am:
Students of Grace Kim, Heather Rinello, and Joe Sabia

1 pm: Students of Jessa Callen, and Naomi Graf

3 pm: Students of Lucas Brode, Jason Jacob, and Adam Raymonda

5 pm: Students of Anne Boccato, Andrew Fox, Markus Ling, and Jamielee Page.

Saturday, June 6
3 pm: Students of Gerry Fitzgerald, JP Schlegelmilch, and Vera Tymochko

Sunday, June 7
11 am: Students of Kristen Davanzo, Jamielee Page, and Deborah Scharbach

1 pm: Students of Jessica Westerman

3 pm: Students of Lisa Rawson, and Rachel Weishoff

For more information please call (914) 967-0700 ext.23