RAC LOOK FinalArtist Exploration Program

Presented by Gail Harrison Roman, Ph.D.

The Rye Arts Center announces a change in name for its long-standing, popular program “Famous Artists.” Going forward, the program will be known as “LOOK!,” which will continue to focus on individuals and groups of artists as well as on a variety of mediums and aesthetics. The presentations will be enhanced by an examination of how artists employ and interpret the techniques and principles of art production, especially in today’s world. Emerging artists – as well as “famous” ones will be considered, as will different mediums and forms of design, including textile arts, printmaking, and digital arts.

In spring 2017, “LOOK!” will examine several manifestations of Digital Art, from 3D printing to interactive videos. Adding to science, math and technology are the ARTS, which ally themselves with the more technological disciplines through such creations as 3D printing, animation, robotics, and audiovisual expression.

As with the Famous Artists Program, “LOOK!” will continue to focus on training parents to be classroom docents and the cost will remain the same: $250 per semester (per school.) For the first time, the program will also be open to educators with a one-time introductory offer of $75 per semester (schools do not need to participate).


Spring 2017: Digital Arts

Wednesday, April 5 & Thursday, April 6, 10:00 – 11:30 am

If you are a parent and would like to get your school involved, please encourage them to visit our website for details on how to register.

If you are a teacher, please call Adam Levi, Senior Director, at (914) 967-0700, ext. 24 or adam@ryeartscenter.org.


Here is what some of our participants have said about Look! (formerly known as the Famous Artist Program):

Rena Hecht, Famous Artists Chair/PTA Vice President, Harrison Avenue School:

  • A fantastic, yet affordable enrichment program and the parent presenters, as well as the students, get so much out of it.
  • The fact that you time your choice of artists to when their work is being exhibited in the New York metropolitan area is fantastic.  It gives families the opportunity to share in the students’ excitement about the artists by seeing the works in person.

Joanne O’Connor, Art Teacher, Chapel School & St. Joseph’s School Bronxville:

  • The Rye Arts Center’s docent program has been a wonderful way to have parents participate in the art education of their children.  The children enjoy having the parent docents come into their classrooms, and the excellent training provided by the Rye Arts Center makes it all possible.
  • The training includes valuable information about the featured artist, as well as literature and classroom support material.  We consider it a valuable part of our art curriculum!

Laurel Faintreny, Parent-Docent, French American School, Larchmont:

  • Every piece of information and training is very well prepared by the Famous Artists Team: from the inspiring meeting – well ahead of time, to the detailed material – focused equally on the docents and the students, everything is carefully prepared and thought of in order to provide a very interesting and enjoyable time for everyone!
  • The organizing team suggests that we work with a partner, another volunteer docent, which makes the whole preparation richer from the exchange you have with the other docent.

Posted on the Famous Artists  Blogsite by parent-docent, Osborn School:

  • The children looked at one work of art by each artist, Alexander (Sandy) Calder and Joan Miro, and shared their ideas about the paintings. Then the mom/facilitator read them “Sandy’s Circus” — a story about Calder, his wire circus animals , and his invention of the mobile. Afterwards the children made a mobile together.  Each child had the opportunity to pick his/her own animal stencil, draw it, cut it out, and decorate it. Now, the mobile is hanging in the classroom. Many of the children wanted to bring home duplicate cut-outs of the animal they chose. They did an amazing job and were all very excited about the project.