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Who can enroll in the HDHP Pre-K program?

For the 2015-2016 Season: Children must be 3.5 years old by September 1st 2015, toilet trained and able to follow simple directions within a group setting.

What days and times does this program run?

Monday/Friday Mornings: 9:15AM – 12:00PM

Tuesday/Wednesday Afternoons: 11:30AM – 2:15PM

What is a typical Morning and/or Afternoon as a Half- Day Half Pint?

Morning Schedule

9:15: Parents drop off children at The RAC followed by classes and lunch.

11:45/12:00: Classes end and parents pickup children from The RAC or The RAC staff walk children to their local preschool.

Afternoon Schedule

11:30/11:45: The RAC staff arrives at participating nursery schools to pickup children from their classrooms or parents drop off children at The RAC. Staff walks children to The RAC. Children eat lunch followed with classes.

2:15: Parents pick up children at The RAC.

Which days do you drop off/pick-up the children from participating nursery schools?

Christ Church Nursery School: Tuesday Afternoon & Friday Morning

Rye Presbyterian Nursery School: Monday Morning & Wednesday Afternoon

 Do I need to bring/pack a lunch, extra clothing, smock etc?

Yes, please pack a lunch and a change of clothes in case of need.   Lunch can be stored in our kitchen, which includes a refrigerator. Smocks will be provided for art activities. Please make sure your child is dressed in weather appropriate attire.

Can I join the half-day program if my son/daughter is not enrolled in a participating nursery school?

Yes, we accept all children who meet the Pre-K requirements.  For those students enrolling into a morning program, we ask that the parent/guardian pick up their child by 11:45am before the group walks over to their participating nursery school. For those students enrolling into an afternoon program, we ask that the guardian/parent and drop off their child at 12:15pm after the group returns from their participating nursery school.

How much is the Half-Day for Half Pints Program?

Each day meets a different number of times due to holiday schedules.   Please refer to our HDHP Packet for prices. HDHP spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  A nonrefundable deposit of $250 is required upon registration. In addition, a family level membership of $100 is required which provides many benefits.

How do I register for the Half Day for Half Pints (HDHP) Creative Pre-K program?

If you are interested in registering, please contact us to receive a full information packet on our Half Day for Half Pints Program. The complete application consists of 5 documents:

  • Registration Form
  • Medical and Emergency Contract Form
  • Signed Consent/Contract Agreement
  • A Copy of your Child’s Immunization Record
  • Birth Certificate/Passport

Can I enroll my son/daughter after the start of the school year?

Yes, students can enroll at any time during the school year, although only limited spots are available.  Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

What are your closing policies?

The HDHP program follows the Rye City School District calendar. If school is not in session, there will not be a program on that day. In case of inclement weather, we will follow the Rye City School District. If there is no school that day, there is no class at The RAC. If the Rye City School District is delayed, classes will begin at 9:45am. In the case of severe or threatening weather conditions occurring during class time, it will be at The RAC’s discretion whether or not to hold class. Contact will be made with the nursery schools and parents accordingly.

Is there drop-off/pick-up in cases of inclement weather?

The RAC Staff is prepared to walk in all kinds of weather provided it is not a threat to the children (i.e. severe temperatures, thunderstorms).   Parents should contact The RAC if they feel more comfortable driving their child on any particular day. Arranging carpools in advance is recommended. In the event that The RAC decides the weather is too threatening for drop off or pick up, the parents as well as the nursery schools will be notified.

What do I do if my child is sick or cannot attend class?

If your child is sick or cannot attend class, please contact Jeanette Rudolph: jeanetterudolph@ryeartscenter.org or Anne Fumasoli: anne@ryeartscenter.org/914-967-0700, ext.23.

What is your withdrawal policy?

If you need to withdraw prior to the end of the school year, please contact Anne Fumasoli: anne@ryeartscenter.org or (914) 967-0700, ext. 23.