We Sing For Japan


Music has the power to change the world. It’s that simple belief that has propelled a group of professional musicians to create the organization We Sing For the World. Founded by Rye Country Day School graduate and former Rye resident Daniele Hager, the organization performs everything from opera to popular music in order to raise funds for disasters.

“It was very sad to see through the media how many people lost their lives, their belongings and family members because of these catastrophic disasters. There was no warning and they lost everything they had. This made me realize of how blessed we really are and how it is important that we help each other.” Hager said.

The recent cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami in Japan hit close to home for Hager. With horrific pictures of the devastation, Hager immediately thought of her friend Masataka, who spent his senior year of high school as an exchang student at RCDS. They were crowned prom king and queen that year, and now she wasn’t even sure if he was alive. Finally able to get in touch with Masataka through Facebook, Hager was relieved but became troubled when she heard of people who were in desperate need.

“The toughest period has almost passed. The difficult part is always how quickly public forsakes the damages. Haiti and the countries affected by Sumatran tsunami are being gradually forgotten behind this new disaster. Long term attention is important. Music can certainly contribute in helping the people.”-Masataka Yamamoto

We Sing For the World will be holding its first benefit concert Saturday, June 4th at 8:00 PM at the Rye Arts Center at 51 Milton Road. For tickets please clickhere or contact the Rye Arts Center at (914) 967-0700. Proceeds will go to the AmeriCares Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami Fund.

-Jessica Desvarieux, Time Magazine reporter