Exhibition: Tracy Burtz

The Art of the Study: Exploring the Emotions of Women in Painting

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October 10 – November 21

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 10, 3:00 – 5:00 pm


Artist’s Statement:

Unlike many painters, I like to do small studies while I am working on a painting. They allow me to consider compositional issues, and as I resolve them, I incorporate the resolutions into the large painting. Recently, I’ve also found emotional nuances in the studies, which I did not expect. The cross-fertilization between painting and study has proven to be a rich resource for exploring the emotional depths of my paintings/models.

Artist Biography:

I received my BFA from Boston University School for the Arts in 1978 and my MFA from CUNY Queens College in 1980. I have also studied at the New York Studio School in Paris, and RISD. I have been a figurative painter for over 35 years.

As a contemporary painter, I have sought to “unlearn” my formal classical education in the attempt to discover my own creative voice. The abstract elements of picture making are of utmost importance, encompassing composition, color, light, value, volume, space, and line.

My work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in galleries and museums in NYC, Paris, New Mexico, Boston, Nantucket, Provincetown, as well as many other places. I have taught painting, drawing and pastels for over 25 years to students at every level from children to Graduate school. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through my teaching and professional experiences of almost 40 years that I seek to impart to my students for their growth and motivation. As a mid-career painter, my work feeds my teaching, and fortunately the teaching feeds back into my work. This result is a unique relationship with my students.

For more information on Tracy, visit www.tracyburtz.com.

Current Classes Taught By Tracy Burtz:

Figure and Still Life Painting with Tracy Burtz
Thursdays, 6:15  – 8:45 pm
12 classes beginning October 1

Through drawing, and later in either acrylics or oil, we will create works from still life and the figure while covering all of the important concepts of painting (i.e. color, light, value, composition, volume, space, paint quality and technique.)  Supply list.

FEE: $485 (Does not include model fee. Members receive discount)

Register Online or call (914) 967-0700

Portfolio Development: Drawing and Painting
Ages 15 – 17
Mondays, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
10 classes beginning September 21

Through drawing and painting exercises, students will begin or enhance their portfolio. Tracy’s many years of experience working closely with students in portfolio development will provide the groundwork for a strong representation of the student’s work. Working from both still-life and figure, students will produce fully rendered charcoal drawings focusing on composition, light and dark, volume, and space. Drawings will form the basis for a study in painting which will focus on adding on adding color, texture, and different painting techniques. Great for building a portfolio. Call for a supply list.

FEE: $450 (Does not include model fee. Members receive discount)

Register Online or call (914) 967-0700