Rye Arts Center, Inc.
Financial Assistance Policy

Introduction: It is the position of the Rye Arts Center, Inc. that all of its programs are open to everyone regardless of age, income, ability, race, or religion. In those instances where the cost of the program may prevent an individual or family from participating, the Arts Center will, based on available resources, offer financial assistance as specified by the following:

Financial Aid Policy: Rye Arts Center, Inc. will provide financial assistance to all qualified applicants through its “Financial Assistance” program based on the following criteria:


Applicants qualify for assistance based on annual income and size of the family.

Assistance will not exceed 50% of the total cost of the program. (Executive Director has authority, based on extreme need to make larger assistance grants.)

Applicants reapply for assistance on a yearly basis or class session.

The amount of financial assistance being offered does not exceed the resources of the Scholarship Committee to fund it.

Once awarded, financial assistance must be used within one month.


Eligibility: Financial Assistance is provided to applicants who meet eligibility requirements, which are set by the Corporation and reviewed annually. Both family size and annual income are considered when determining eligibility. All applicants will be required to submit both their tax return and proof of current salary to be considered.

Procedures: Individuals and families may apply for assistance by completing the application form and attaching requested papers. Applications will be directed to the Scholarship Committee for review. Application process takes 2-4 weeks. You will receive written agreement for your signature, which should be returned to the Scholarship Committee.

Please contact The Rye Arts Center for further information and forms.